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Cloud Computing and Virtualization
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Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure: Best Practices for DevOps, Data Storage, High Availability, and More
Windows Azure Websites Succinctly (Kyle Burns)
Cloud Design Patterns: Prescriptive Architecture Guidance for Cloud Applications (Alex Homer, et al)
Microsoft System Center: Building a Virtualized Network Solution (Mitch Tulloch, et al)
O'Reilly® Heroku: Up and Running - Effortless Application Aeployment and Scaling (Neil Middleton, et al)
O'Reilly® Vagrant: Up and Running - Create and Manage Virtualized Development Environments (M Hashimoto)
Developing an Advanced Windows Phone 7.5 App that Connects to the Cloud ©2012 (David Britch, et al)
Windows Azure SQL Reporting Succinctly (Stacia Misner)
Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure ©2012 (Microsoft)
Hyper-V 2008 R2 Essentials ©2010 (Neil Smyth)
The Definitive Guide to Cloud Computing ©2010 (Dan Sullivan)
Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions ©2010 (Mitch Tulloch)
Virtualization For Dummies, 2nd HP Special Edition ©2009 (Bernard Golden)
Xen Virtualization Essentials ©2008-2009 (Neil Smyth)
Take Control of VMware Fusion 3 ©2009 (Joe Kissell) 142 pages
Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions: From Desktop to Datacenter ©2009 (Mitch Tulloch)
Virtualization For Dummies: Sun and AMD Special Edition ©2008 (Bernard Golden, Clark Scheffy)
VMM 2008 Essentials ©2009 (Neil Smyth) Microsoft Hyper-V Essentials ©2009 (Neil Smyth)
VMware Server 2.0 Essentials ©2008 (Neil Smyth)
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