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Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) Books Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Books
Executive and Management White Papers Software Engineering Books
Total Quality Management and Six Sigma ©2012 (Tauseef Aized)
Systems Engineering - Practice and Theory ©2012 (Boris Cogan)
Project Management From Simple to Complex ©2010 (Russell Darnall, John M. Preston)
Risk Management for Enterprises and Individuals ©2009 (Etti Baranoff, et al)
Project Management ©2009 (Olaf Passenheim) 117 pages
Principles of Management ©2009 (Mason Carpenter, Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan)
Step by Step Guide to Project Management ©2009 (University of Technology, Sydney)
How to Motivate Creative People (Including Yourself) ©2009 (Mark McGuinness)
Information Technology for Management, 7th Edition ©1999-2009 (Henry C Lucas)
Knowledge Management in Policing: Enforcing Law on Criminal Business Enterprises ©2009 (Petter Gottschalk)
O'Reilly® 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts ©2009
Conflict Management in the Workplace: How to Manage Disagreements ©2008 (Shay & Margaret McConnon)
Vulnerability Management for Dummies ©2008 (Qualys)
How to Be a Motivational Manager: An Essential Guide for Leaders and Managers ©2008 (Alan Fairweather) For Dummies, 3rd Edtion ©2008 (Tom Wong, Liz Kao)
Best Practices for Developing a Web Site ©2008 (Paul Chin)
The Principles Of Project Management ©2008 (Meri Williams)
50 Cautionary Tales for Managers: An Entertaining Collection of Enlightening Parables for Managers ©2007
The Zen Approach to Project Management: Working to Balance Expectations and Performance ©2007
Electronic Engagement: A Guide for Public Sector Managers ©2007 (Peter Chen)
Managing Consultants: A Practical Guide for Busy Public Sector Managers ©2006 (Leo Dobes)
Mastering Software Project Management ©2006 (Hsiang Tao Yeh) 189 pages
Project Management Book ©2006-2009 (Michael Harding Roberts)
The Ultimate Cv: Win Senior Managerial Positions With an Outstanding Resume ©2006 (Rachel Bishop-Firth)
Student Survival Guide to Managing Group Projects 2.5 ©1994-2006 (Stephanie Ludi)
Making Management Simple: A Practical Handbook for Dealing with Everyday Management Challenges ©2005
High Powered CVs ©2005 (Rachel Bishop-Firth)
IT Project Governance ©2002 (Magnus Mähring)
Free Project Management E-book: Project Shrink Linear Edition ©2009 (Bas de Baar)
Project Management Guidebook ©2003 by Method123 Ltd. (Jason Westland)
Management's Guide to Project Success ©2002 (New York Sate Office for Technology)
ProjectMind's Quick Guide to Project Management © (Manjeet Singh)
A Project Management Primer ©2006 (Nick Jenkins)
Project and Program Management (Simon Wallace)
Project Management Scalable Methodology Guide ©1997 (James R. Chapman )
IT Project Manager’s Handbook ©1997 (Treasury Board of Canada)
Project Management Handbook - A Working Tool for Project Managers
Step by Step Guide to Project Management
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