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Probability Theory: The Logic of Science ©2003 (E. T. Jaynes, G. Bretthorst) 758 pages [Mirror] [Home]
Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R (G. Jay Kerns)
Stochastic Modeling and Control ©2013 (Ivan Ganchev Ivanov)
From Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling in Computer Science ©2009-Date (Norm Matloff)
Probability, Geometry and Integrable Systems ©2008-2011 (Mark Pinsky, Bjorn Birnir)
O'Reilly® Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers ©2011 (Allen B. Downey)
Network Calculus: A Theory of Deterministic Queuing Systems for the Internet 2004-2011
A First Course on Time Series Analysis with SAS ©2011 (Michael Falk, et al.)
Stochastic Processes for Finance ©2010 (Patrick Roger)
Probability for Finance ©2010 (Patrick Roger)
Fundamentals of probability ©2010 (Marco Taboga)
Introduction to Probability ©1997, updated 2006 (Charles M. Grinstead and J. Laurie Snell)
An Exploration of Random Processes for Engineers ©2006 (Bruce Hajek)
Markov Chains and Stochastic Stability ©2005 (S.P. Meyn and R.L. Tweedie) 568 pages
Introduction to Queueing Theory ©1981 (Robert B. Cooper) 347 pages [Home]
Probability Theory With Applications in Science and Engineering ©1974 (E. T. Jaynes)
Reversibility and Stochastic Networks ©1979 (F.P. Kelly) 238 pages
An Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations (Lawrence Craig Evans)
Stochastic Calculus and Stochastic Filtering ©2008 (Alan Bain)
Stochastic Calculus and Finance ©1997 (Steven E. Shreve) 384 pages
Optimization of Business Processes: An Introduction to Applied Stochastic Modeling ©1998-2008 (Ger Koole)
Probabilistic Design ©2001 (John Browne) Applied Probability ©2007 (Tina Kapur, Rajeev Surati)
Applied Stochastic Processes and Control for Jump-Diffusions: Modeling, Analysis and Computation (Floyd B. Hanson)
Queueing Theory ©2002 (Ivo Adan, Jacques Resing) 180 pages
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