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Miscellaneous Computer/Programming Languages
Top Free Web Programming Books 🌠 - 100% Free or Open Source!
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Haskell Programming Books Erlang Programming Books
The Way To Go: A Thorough Introduction To The Go Programming Language (Ivo Balbaert)
Functional Programming in QI, 2nd Edition 2008 (Mark Tarver)
Programming in Lua ©2003-2013 (Roberto Ierusalimschy)
An Introduction to Programming in Go ©2012 (Caleb Doxsey)
PDF Succinctly: Building PDFs from Scratch with the help of pdftk and iTextSharp ©2012 (Ryan Hodson)
F# Succinctly: Combining the Best of Programming Languages with the .NET Framework ©2012 (Robert Pickering)
Groovy - An Agile Dynamic Language for the Java Platform
O'Reilly® Programming Pig 2011 (Alan F Gates)
Programming Language Popularity (David N. Welton) [2005 Version]
Programming with Euphoria Programming GUI Applications with Euphoria
Rebol Programming For The Absolute Beginner (Nick Antonaccio)
Dylan Programming: An Object-Oriented and Dynamic Language ©1996 (Neal Feinberg, et al)
The Dylan Reference Manual ©1996 (Andrew Shalit) 469 pages
The INTERCAL Programming Language Revised Reference Manual (Donald R. Woods and James M. Lyon)
The Z Notation: a Reference Manual ©1992 (J. M. Spivey) 150 pages
The SMALL Programming Language Algae Programming Language (K.Scott Hunziker)
Computer Science Logo Style Volume 1: Symbolic Computing ©1997 (Brian Harvey)
Computer Science Logo Style Volume 2: Advanced Techniques ©1997 (Brian Harvey)
Computer Science Logo Style Volume 3: Beyond Programming ©1997 (Brian Harvey)
Programming Languages Quick Reference Cards Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook (PLEAC)
Specifying Systems: The TLA+ Language and Tools for Hardware and Software Engineers (Leslie Lamport)
Job Control Language (JCL) Introduction Introduction to JCL Objectives
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