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Java Build, Testing, and Deployment
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O'Reilly® Maven: The Definitive Guide ©2009 (Timothy M. O'Brien)
O'Reilly® Gradle Beyond the Basics: Customizing Next-Generation Builds ©2013 (Tim Berglund)
O'Reilly® Jenkins: The Definitive Guide ©2011 (John Ferguson Smart)
Repository Management with Nexus ©2009-2011 (Tim O'Brien, et al)
Maven Cookbook 2011 (Timothy M. O'Brien, Stuart McCulloch, Brian Demers) 153 pages
Maven by Example 2009-2011 (Timothy M. O'Brien, et al) 173 pages
Maven: The Complete Reference 2009-2011 (Timothy M. O'Brien, et al) 303 pages
Developing with Eclipse and Maven 2010 (Timothy M. O'Brien, et al) 124 pages
Tutorial: Java, Maven 2, Eclipse and JSF 2010 (Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai, et al)
Tutorial: Hibernate, Spring, HSQL, Eclipse and Maven 2010 (Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai, et al)
OSGi In Practice ©2009 (Neil Bartlett) Continuous Integration (Martin Fowler)
Better Builds with Maven. The How-to Guide for Maven 2.x ©2008 (John Casey, Vincent Massol, Brett Porter, et al)
Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests ©2004-2006 (Frank Cohen)
Java Theory and Practice: Testing with Leverage (Brian Goetz) [Part 2] [Part 3]
Apache Ant 101: Make Java Builds a Snap (Matt Chapman) Apache Ant Manual
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