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O'Reilly® Programming Computer Vision with Python: Tools and Algorithms ©2012 (Jan Erik Solem)
Computer Vision: Models, Learning, and Inference ©2012 (Simon J. D. Prince)
Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications ©2010 (Richard Szeliski) 979 pages
Document Image Analysis ©2009 (Rangachar Kasturi)
From Algorithms to Vision Systems - Machine Vision Group 25 years ©2006 (Matti Pietikäinen, H. Aikio, et al) [PDF]
An Introduction to Programming for Image Analysis with the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) ©2006 (X. Papademetris)
Forensic Discovery ©2005 (Dan Farmer, Wietse Venema) 240 pages
Spatial Augmented Reality Merging Real and Virtual Worlds ©2005 (Oliver Bimber/Ramesh Raskar)
A Companion to Digital Humanities ©2004 (Susan Schreibman, et al) 640 pages [Mirror]
Intelligent Vision Systems for Industry ©1997-2002 (Edited by D.N. Rockmore, et al)
Active Contours ©2000 (Andrew Blake/Michael Isard) 352 pages
Machine Vision: Automated Visual Inspection and Robot Vision ©1991 (David Vernon)
Spatial Statistics and Digital Image Analysis ©1991 (National Academy Press) 234 pages
Machine Interpretation of Line Drawings ©1986 (Kokichi Sugihara) 245 pages
Visual Reconstruction ©1987 (Andrew Blake/Andrew Zisserman) 238 pages
Computer Vision ©1982 (B.G. Batchelor/P.F. Whelan) 523 pages
Machine Perception ©2005 (Ramakant Nevatia)  
Computer Vision and Image Processing ©1992-1994 (David Marshall)
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