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Computational Complexity
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O'Reilly® Think Complexity: Complexity Science and Computational Modeling (Allen Downey)
Solving NP-Complete Problems (Forbes D. Lewis)
P, NP, and NP-Completeness: The Basics of Computational Complexity ©2010 (Oded Goldreich)
Traveling Salesman Problem, Theory and Applications ©2010 (Donald Davendra)
Complexity Theory: A Modern Approach ©2009 (Sanjeev Arora, Boaz Barak)
Computational Complexity: A Conceptual Perspective ©2008 (Oded Goldreich)
Computational Modeling and Complexity Science: Python Edition ©2008-2009 (Allen Downey)
Algorithms and Complexity ©2002 (Herbert S. Wilf) 228 pages
The Complexity of Boolean Functions, 470 pages, ©1991 (Ingo Wegener)
Parallel Complexity Theory ©1987 (Ian Parberry) 200 pages
Lecture Notes on Complexity Theory (Oded Goldreich) [with Summaries] [Homepage]
Introduction to Computational Complexity (Martin Tompa ) [Homepage]
An Introduction to Computational Complexity Complexity of Algorithms ©1999 (Peter Gacs/Laci Lovasz)
Complexity Theory (Johan Håstad) [Homepage]  
Lecture Notes on Computational Complexity ©2002 (Luca Trevisan) [2001 Version]
Lecture Notes on Algorithm Analysis and Computational Complexity, 4th Edition (Ian Parberry)
Complexity Issues in Coding Theory ©1997 (Alexander Barg) 115 pages [Homepage]
Cellular Automata and Complexity ©1994 (Stephen Wolfram) 608 pages
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