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The InformIT C++ Reference Guide
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  • Title The InformIT C++ Reference Guide
  • Author(s) Danny Kalev
  • Publisher: Pearson Custom Publishing; 1 edition (July 1, 2005); eBook (2009)
  • Paperback 600 pages
  • eBook Online, HTML
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0536941467
  • ISBN-13: 978-0536941466
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Book Description

The Informit C++ Reference Guide offers the fundamentals of C++ knowledge, as well as essays, commentaries, and opinions that make it much more that your basic introduction to C++. The first 15 chapters contain the mandatory C++ knowledge base -- what every C++ programmer should know. These topics include the Special Member Functions, Operator Overloading, Memory Management, Templates, Object-Oriented Programming and Design, the Standard Library, to name a few. The C++ Reference Guide has always been much more than an online C++ tutorial, though. The ability to react on a weekly basis to new developments in the C++ and IT arenas has turned it into an ongoing dialog with the latest trends and emerging technologies.

Therefore, this book is also a collection of essays, commentaries and excursions about various topics that aren't necessarily confined to pure C++ programming.

This book summarizes more than two years of C++ writing. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned C++ programmer, this convenient and portable format will serve you well in your everyday design and programming engagements.

About the Authors
  • Danny Kalev is a certified system analyst and software engineer specializing in C++ and theoretical aspects of formal languages. He was a member of the C++ standards committee between 1997 and 2000. He recently finished his MA in general linguistics summa cum laude. In his spare time he likes to listen to classical music, read Victorian literature, and explore natural languages (such as Hittite, Basque, and Gaelic). Additional interests include archeology and geology. Danny moderates several C++ forums and contributes regularly to C++-related sites and magazines. He also gives lectures about programming languages and applied linguistics at academic institutes.
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