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Rational Cybersecurity for Business: The Security Leaders' Guide to Business Alignment
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  • Title Rational Cybersecurity for Business: The Security Leaders' Guide to Business Alignment
  • Author(s) Daniel Blum
  • Publisher: Apress; 1st edition (August 12, 2020); eBook (Open Access Edition)
  • License(s): CC BY 4.0
  • Paperback: 360 pages
  • eBook PDF and ePub
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10/ASIN: 1484259513/B08FSXMVR7
  • ISBN-13: 978-1484259511
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Book Description

Use the guidance in this comprehensive field guide to gain the support of your top executives for aligning a rational cybersecurity plan with your business.

This open access book presents six priority areas to focus on to maximize the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program: risk management, control baseline, security culture, IT rationalization, access control, and cyber-resilience. Common challenges and good practices are provided for businesses of different types and sizes. And more than 50 specific keys to alignment are included.

It presents valuable lessons learned from interviews with over 70 security and business leaders. You will discover how to successfully solve issues related to: risk management, operational security, privacy protection, hybrid cloud management, security culture and user awareness, and communication challenges.

About the Authors
  • Daniel Blum is an internationally recognized cybersecurity and risk management strategist. He is a former Golden Quill Award-winning VP, Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, Inc., and has served as the de facto head of security for startups and consulting companies. He's advised hundreds of corporations, universities, and government organizations, and currently partners with top media, analyst firms, and clients to produce cybersecurity thought leadership research and to deliver cybersecurity workshops and coaching for security leaders.
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