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Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics for Traitor Tracing
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  • Title Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics for Traitor Tracing
  • Author(s) K. J. Ray Liu, Wade Trappe, Jane Z. Wang, Min Wu, Hong Zhao
  • Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation (December 1, 2005)
  • Hardcover/Paperback 272 pages
  • eBook PDF, 8.8 MB
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9775945186
  • ISBN-13:978-9775945181
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Book Description

The popularity of multimedia content has led to the widespread distribution and consumption of digital multimedia data. As a result of the relative ease with which individuals may now alter and repackage digital content, ensuring that media content is employed by authorized users for its intended purpose is becoming an issue of eminent importance to both governmental security and commercial applications.

Digital fingerprinting is a class of multimedia forensic technologies to track and identify entities involved in the illegal manipulation and unauthorized usage of multimedia content, thereby protecting the sensitive nature of multimedia data as well as its commercial value after the content has been delivered to a recipient.

This book covers the essential aspects of research in this emerging technology, and explains the latest development in this field. It describes the framework of multimedia fingerprinting, discusses the challenges that may be faced when enforcing usage polices, and investigates the design of fingerprints that cope with new families of multiuser attacks that may be mounted against media fingerprints.

The discussion provided in the book highlights challenging problems as well as future trends in this research field, providing readers with a broader view of the evolution of the young field of multimedia forensics.

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