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Learning VirtualDub: The Complete Guide to Capturing, Erocessing and Encoding Digital Video
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  • Title Learning VirtualDub: The Complete Guide to Capturing, Erocessing and Encoding Digital Video
  • Author(s) Georgios Diamantopoulos, Sohail Salehi, and John Buechler
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing (May 9, 2005)
  • Paperback 212 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1904811353
  • ISBN-13: 978-1904811350

Book Description

VirtualDub is one of the most popular video processing applications for Windows. As an open source application, it's free, and is constantly updated and expanded by an active community of developers and experts. VirtualDub is particularly popular for capturing video from analogue sources such as video tape, cleaning up the image and compressing it ready for distribution over the Internet.

This book provides a rapid and easy to use tutorial to the basic features of VirtualDub to get you up and running quickly. It explains how to capture great quality video from various sources, use filters to clean up the captured image and add special effects. The book also shows how to use VirtualDub to cut and paste video to remove or insert sequences, including removing ad breaks or trailers. It goes on to cover the art of effective encoding and compression, so you end up with great quality videos that won't hog your bandwidth forever.

VirtualDub is the fastest and most effective way to capture, process and encode video on your PC. This book gets you started fast, and goes on to give you full control of all the features of this legendary tool.

About the Authors
  • RGeorgios Diamantopoulos was born and raised in Greece, Corinth in February, 1984. His scientific incline towards computers was evident in his teenage years and he pursued his dreams by moving to Birmingham, UK to study Computer Systems Engineering in 2001. Early on in his course he expressed further interest in video editing and compression. Georgios graduated in July 2004 with an Honours degree from the University of Birmingham, where he is currently researching in the field of video compression towards a PhD degree. He has been involved with various extracurricular activities such as writing documentation for various video editing tasks and developing a video quality assessment utility after the name of Video Quality Studio.
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