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Java Security
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  • Title Java Security
  • Author(s) Scott Oaks
  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media; Second Edition edition
  • Paperback 620 pages
  • eBook HTML and PDF
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0596001576
  • ISBN-13: 978-0596001575
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Book Description

This book is a part of The Java Enterprise CD Bookshelf.

Scott Oakes' Java Security is extraordinary both for its technical depth and its readability. It provides the Java programmer with a complete overview of the Java security architecture and security classes, plus a wealth of detailed information and code examples for specific implementations. The book opens with a clear discussion of what Java security is, how the various Java sandbox models work, and how Java applications and applets execute within the security model. The following chapters look in depth at the elements of the Java security architecture: language rules, class loaders, the security manager, the access controller, and permission objects.

About the Authors
  • Scott Oaks is a Java Technologist at Sun Microsystems, where he has worked since 1987. While at Sun, he has specialized in many disparate technologies, from the SunOS kernel to network programming and RPCs. Since 1995, hes focused primarily on Java and bringing Java technology to end-users. Scott also authored OReillys Java Security, Java Threads and Jini in a Nutshell titles.
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