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C# Design Patterns: A Tutorial
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  • Title C# Design Patterns: A Tutorial
  • Author(s) James W. Cooper
  • Publisher: JAddison-Wesley Professional (September 27, 2002)
  • Paperback 416 pages
  • eBook PDF (532 pages)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10/ASIN: 0201844532
  • ISBN-13: 978-0201844535
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Book Description

This is a practical book that tells you how to write C# programs using some of the most common design patterns. It also serves as a quick introduction to programming in the new C# language.

The pattern discussions are structured as a series of short chapters, each describing a design pattern and giving one or more complete working, visual example programs that use that pattern. Each chapter also includes UML diagrams illustrating how the classes interact.

Each of the 23 patterns in GoF Design Patterns is discussed, at least one working program example for that pattern is supplied. All of the programs have some sort of visual interface to make them that much more immediate to you.

About the Authors
  • James W. Cooper is a research staff member in the Advanced Information Retrieval and Analysis Department at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. He is also a columnist for Java Pro magazine and a reviewer for Visual Basic Programmer's Journal.
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