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Google App Engine Java Experiments
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  • Title Google App Engine Java Experiments
  • Author(s) Romin K. Irani
  • Publisher: Romin K. Irani (March, 2010)
  • eBook 227 pages, 5.85 MB
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: N/A
  • ISBN-13: N/A
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Book Description

This book is for Java programmers looking to get started on Google App Engine, as well as App Engine programmers looking to move to Java.

The journey begins with a look at the Google Plugin for Eclipse and finishes with a working web application that uses Google Web Toolkit, Google Accounts, and Bigtable. Along the way, you�ll dig deeply into the services that are available to access the datastore with a focus on Java Data Objects (JDO), JDOQL, and other aspects of Bigtable.

With this solid foundation in place, you�ll then be ready to tackle some of the more advanced topics like integration with other cloud platforms such as and Google Wave.

About the Authors
  • Romin K. Irani is a software developer with 15 years of industry experience, living in Mumbai, India. He is the author of the blog:

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