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Geospatial Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide to Principles, Techniques and Software Tools
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  • Title Geospatial Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide to Principles, Techniques and Software Tools
  • Author(s) Michael J de Smith, Michael F Goodchild, Paul A Longley
  • Publisher: The Winchelsea Press, 6th Edition (June 11, 2018), eBook (6th Edition, 2020 update)
  • Hardcover 618 pages
  • eBook HTML and PDF
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1912556030
  • ISBN-13: 978-1912556038
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Book Description

This book (6th edition) provides a compehensive guide to concepts, methods and tools, with many examples being provided using a variety of software tools such as ArcGIS, Idrisi, Grass, Surfer and many others to clarify the concepts discussed. Topics covered in detail include:

  • Geospatial analysis concepts
  • Analytical methodologies and model building
  • Core components of geospatial analysis, including distance and directional analysis, geometrical processing, map algebra, and grid models
  • Exploratory Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data Analysis (ESDA, ESTDA) and spatial statistics, including spatial autocorrelation and spatial regression
  • Surface analysis, including surface form and flow analysis, gridding and interpolation methods, and visibility analysis
  • Network and locational analysis, including shortest path calculation, travelling salesman problems, facility location and arc routing
  • Geocomputational methods, including agent-based modelling, artifical neural networks and evolutionary computing
  • Big Data - lessons for researchers
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