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Game Theory: An Open Access Textbook with 165 Solved Exercises
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  • Title: Game Theory: An Open Access Textbook 165 with Solved Exercises
  • Author(s) Giacomo Bonanno
  • Publisher: CreateSpace, 2 edition (January 5, 2018); eBook (Creative Commons Licensed)
  • Permission: Open Access; "You are free to redistribute this book in pdf format."
  • Paperback: 256 pages (Vol. 1), 380 pages (Vol. 2)
  • eBook: PDF (588 pages)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1983604631 (Vol. 1), 1985862514 (Vol. 2)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1983604638 (Vol. 1); 978-1985862517 (Vol. 2)
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Book Description

This is a two-volume set that provides an introduction to non-cooperative Game Theory. Volume 1 covers the basic concepts, while Volume 2 is devoted to advanced topics.

An introduction to game theory. Accessible to anybody with minimum knowledge of mathematics and no prior knowledge of game theory, yet it is also rigorous and includes several proofs.

After teaching game theory (at both the undergraduate and graduate level) at the University of California, Davis for 25 years, I decided to organize all my teaching material in a textbook. There are many excellent textbooks in game theory and there is hardly any need for a new one. However, there are two distinguishing features of this textbook: (1) it is open access and thus free, 1 and (2) it contains an unusually large number of exercises (a total of 165) with complete and detailed answers.

"I tried to write the book in such a way that it would be accessible to anybody with minimum knowledge of mathematics (high-school level algebra and some elementary notions of probability) and no prior knowledge of game theory. However, the book is intended to be rigorous and it includes several proofs. I believe it is appropriate for an advanced undergraduate class in game theory and also for a first-year graduate-level class."

About the Authors
  • Professor Giacomo Bonanno in the Department of Economics at the University of California. His research interests are Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Economics and Philosophy, and Modal (Epistemic, Temporal) Logic.
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