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Firebase Essentials - Android Edition
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  • Title: Firebase Essentials - Android Edition
  • Author(s) Neil Smyth (Author)
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (November 22, 2017); eBook (Payload Media, November 2017)
  • Paperback: 534 pages
  • eBook: HTML
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1979961603
  • ISBN-13: 978-1979961608
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Book Description

With 55 in-depth chapters, over 470 pages and 23 example app projects (including the source code), this book provides everything you need to successfully integrate Firebase cloud features into your Android apps.

This book covers the key features of Android app development using Firebase including integration with Android Studio, User Authentication (including email, Twitter, Facebook and phone number sign-in), Realtime Database, Cloud Storage, Firebase Cloud Messaging (both upstream and downstream), Dynamic Links, Invites, App Indexing, Test Lab, Remote Configuration, Cloud Functions, Analytics and Performance Monitoring.

The book is organized into chapter groups that focus on specific Firebase features, with each topic area consisting of a detailed overview followed by tutorial style examples that put theory into practice.

About the Authors
  • Neil Smyth is co-founder and CEO Payload Media, an internet and eBook publishing company based in the U.S. Prior to launching Payload Media, Neil held a number of positions in the IT industry including programming, web development, systems administration and sales and marketing and is the author of a number of technology related books. Click here to see all his "Essentials" technical books.
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