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Domain-Driven Design Quickly
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  • Title Domain-Driven Design Quickly
  • Author(s) Abel Avram, Floyd Marinescu
  • Publisher: (December 21, 2007); eBook (InfoQ, 2006, 2018)
  • Paperback: 104 pages
  • eBook PDF (106 pages), ePub, MOBI (Kindle)
  • Language: English, French , Chinese, Vietnamese
  • ISBN-10: 1411609255
  • ISBN-13: 978-1411609259
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Book Description

Domain Driven Design (DDD) is a vision and approach for dealing with highly complex domains that is based on making the domain itself the main focus of the project, and maintaining a software model that reflects a deep understanding of the domain.

This book is a short, quickly-readable summary and introduction to the fundamentals of DDD; it does not introduce any new concepts; it attempts to concisely summarize the essence of what DDD is, drawing mostly Eric Evans' original book, as well other sources since published such as Jimmy Nilsson's Applying Domain Driven Design, and various DDD discussion forums.

The main topics covered in the book include: Building Domain Knowledge, The Ubiquitous Language, Model Driven Design, Refactoring Toward Deeper Insight, and Preserving Model Integrity. Also included is an interview with Eric Evans on Domain Driven Design today.

About the Authors
  • David S. Evans is Managing Director of the Global Competition Policy Practice at LECG LLC.
  • Andrei Hagiu is Assistant Professor of Strategy at Harvard Business School.
  • Richard L. Schmalensee is John C. Head III Dean and Professor of Management and Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is co-editor of Management: Inventing and Delivering Its Future (MIT Press, 2003).
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