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Computer Aids For VLSI Design
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  • Title Computer Aids For VLSI Design
  • Author(s) Steven M. Rubin
  • Publisher: R. L. Ranch Press (January 26, 2009)
  • Hardcover 318 pages
  • eBook HTML, and PDF (443 pages, 2.5 MB)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0972751424
  • ISBN-13: 978-0972751421,
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Book Description

This textbook, originally published in 1987, broadly examines the software required to design electronic circuitry, including integrated circuits. Topics include synthesis and analysis tools, graphics and user interface, memory representation, and more. The book also describes a real system called "Electric."

About the Authors
  • Steven M. Rubin is the author of the Electric VLSI Design System, which is featured in this book. He received his doctorate at Carnegie Mellon University and has done research at Bell Labs, Schlumberger, Apple, and Interval. He currently works at Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Specializing in visually-oriented computing, his research has spanned computer vision, graphics, and CAD. Steve was also the lead singer of "Severe Tire Damage", the first band to perform live on the Internet.
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