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Computational Physics with Python
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  • Title Computational Physics with Python
  • Author(s) Mark Newman
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (November 7, 2012); University of Michigan, 2012
  • Paperback 562 pages
  • eBook PDF files
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1480145513
  • ISBN-13: 978-1480145511
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Book Description

This book is a complete introduction to the field of computational physics, with examples and exercises in the Python programming language. Computers play a central role in virtually every major physics discovery today, from astrophysics and particle physics to biophysics and condensed matter.

This book explains the fundamentals of computational physics and describes in simple terms the techniques that every physicist should know, such as finite difference methods, numerical quadrature, and the fast Fourier transform. The book offers a complete introduction to the topic at the undergraduate level, and is also suitable for the advanced student or researcher who wants to learn the foundational elements of this important field.

The Python programming language is an excellent choice for learning, teaching, or doing computational physics. This page contains a selection of resources the author developed for teachers and students interested in computational physics and Python.

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