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Call Center Mathematics
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  • Title Call Center Mathematics: A Scientific Method for Understanding and Improving Contact Centers
  • Author(s) Ger Koole
  • Publisher: MG books; 1ST edition (2013)
  • Paperback 157 pages
  • eBook PDF
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10/ASIN: 9082017903
  • ISBN-13: 978-9082017908
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Book Description

This book gives an accessible overview of the role and potential of mathematical optimization in call centers. It deals extensively with all aspects of workforce management, but also with topics such as call routing and the scheduling of multiple channels. It does so without going into the mathematics, but by focusing on understanding its consequences. This way the reader will get familiar with workload forecasting, the Erlang formulas, simulation, and so forth, and learn how to improve call center performance using it.

The book is primarily meant for call center professionals involved in planning and business analytics, but also call center managers and researchers will find it useful. There is an accompanying website which contains several online calculators.

The book was finally published as Call Center Optimization on January 27, 2013.

About the Authors
  • Ger Koole is a Professor/entrepreneur specialized in Operations Management and Business Analytics: a professor in Applied Probability at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, a co-founder of CCmath (a call center optimization company), and the founder of Adscience (focuses on internet advertisement optimization)
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