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LISP Programming Language
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Scheme Programming Books Functional Programming Books
Lisp Hackers: Interviews with 100x More Productive Programmers ©2013 (Vsevolod Dyomkin)
AI Algorithms, Data Structures, and Idioms in Prolog, Lisp, and Java ©2011-Date (George F. Luger, et al)
Let Over Lambda 50 Years of Lisp ©2008 (Doug Hoyte)
Practical Common Lisp ©2005 (Peter Seibel) 500 pages
Successful Lisp: How to Understand and Use Common Lisp ©2004 (David B. Lamkins)
GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual ©2006, 2007 (Free Software Foundation)
An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp ©2004 (Robert J. Chassell) 289 pages
Basic Lisp Techniques ©2003 (David J. Cooper, Jr.) 100 pages
The Common Lisp Cookbook ©2002-2007 (The Common Lisp Cookbook Project)
Lisp Primer ©1996-2006 (Colin Allen, Maneesh Dhagat )
ANSI Common LISP ©1995 (Paul Graham) 432 pages
On LISP: Advanced Techniques for Common LISP ©1993 (Paul Graham)
Common Lisp: An Interactive Approach ©1992 (Stuart Shapiro) 358 pages
Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation ©1990 (David S. Touretzky)
Common LISP the Language, 2nd Ed. ©1990 (Guy Steele) [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Download] [Mirror List]
Natural Language Processing in Lisp: An Introduction to Computational Linguistics ©1989 (Gerald Gazdar)
The Semantics of Destructive LISP ©1986 (Ian A. Mason) 300 pages
Performance and Evaluation of LISP Systems ©1985 (Richard P. Gabriel) 302 pages
Loving Lisp - the Savy Programmer's Secret Weapon (Mark Watson)
Tutorial on Good Lisp Programming Style ©1993 (Peter Norvig) 166 pages
A Surfer's Guide to Lisp-Stat (John Scales, Martin Smith) Developing Component Software with CORBA
The Limits of Mathematics: A Course on Information Theory and the Limits of Formal Reasoning (G.J. Chaitin)
The Unknowable (G.J. Chaitin) Exploring Randomness (G.J. Chaitin)
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