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Computer System, Organization, and Architecture
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Electronics and Chips Design/Programming Books Assembly and Machine Languages Books
Personal Computers (PC), and the History of Computers Books Computer Operating Systems Books
VHDL Books Compiler Design and Construction Books
Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals ©2011 (David L. Tarnoff )
Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective, 2nd Edition ©2010 (Randal E. Bryant, David R. O'Hallaron)
Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction ©2009 (Jerome H. Saltzer, et al)
How Computers Work: Processor and Main Memory, 2nd Edition ©2001-2009 (Roger Young)
High Performance Computing For Dummies, Sun and AMD Special Edition ©2009 (Douglas Eadline)
BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered 2006 (Darmawan Salihun)
Stack Computers: The New Wave ©1989 (Phil Koopman) 234 pages
Designing Computers and Digital Systems (C. Gordon Bell, John Grason, and Allen Newell, et al)
How Computers Work ©2011 (Gill Pratt) Computers Systems (Luis H. Rodriguez)
Quantitative System Performance, Computer System Analysis using Queuing Network Models (Ed Lazowska)
Computer Structures: Principles and Examples ©1981 (Daniel P. Siewiorek, C. Gordon Bell, Allen Newell)
Computer Structures: Readings and Examples ©1971 (C. Gordon Bell and Allen Newell) [Mirror]
Computer Architecture: The Anatomy of Modern Processors (John Morris) [Mirror] [Mirror]
PC Architecture ©2005 (Michael Karbo)  
Computer Architecture Tutorial (Gurpur M. Prabhu) Computer Organization
Computer Structure Lecture Notes (J.M. Rabaey/K. Keutzer, Berkeley U.) [by Kuo Sy Yen] [by Guy Even]
Capability-Based Computer Systems ©1984 (Henry M. Levy) 220 pages
Programming the Z80, 3rd Edition ©1981 (Rodnay Zaks) 620 pages
Supercomputers: Directions in Technology and Applications ©1989 112 pages
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