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PostgreSQL Databases
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  • Postgres Succinctly (Peter Shaw)

    This book guides you from installing Postgres, to creating your first database, to using Postgres in a .NET application with ADO .NET and Entity Framework.

  • O'Reilly® Practical PostgreSQL (John C. Worsley, Joshua D. Drake)

    This comprehensive new volume shows you how to compile PostgreSQL from source, create a database, and configure PostgreSQL to accept client-server connections. It also covers the many advanced features.

  • PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts (Bruce Momjian)

    The book is designed to lead the reader from their first database query through the complex queries needed to solve real-world problems. No knowledge of database theory or practice is required.

  • PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference - Volume 1A: The SQL Language

    This book describes the SQL language specification as implemented by PostgreSQL, including syntax, data types, functions and operators, indexes and transactions.

  • PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference - Volume 1B: SQL Command Reference

    This book describes all the SQL commands available in PostgreSQL. There are over 140 commands from ABORT to VALUES each with a full usage synopsis, description, annotated parameter list and examples.

  • PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference - Volume 2: Programming Guide

    This book documents the client and server interfaces to PostgreSQL: the C/C++ interface libpq, the embedded SQL/C compiler ECPG and the server-side languages PL/pgSQL, PL/Tcl, PL/Perl and PL/Python.

  • PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference - Volume 3: Server Administration Guide

    This volume is the system administration guide, and covers the installation, configuration and maintenance of PostgreSQL database servers. Topics covered include backups, security, tuning and upgrade procedures, as well as routine tasks.

  • PostgreSQL Tutorial

    This tutorial offers readers a thorough overview of database basics, starting with an explanation of why you might need to use a PostgreSQL database, and following with a summary of what different database types have to offer when compared to alternatives like spreadsheets.

  • AngularJS with Ruby on Rails (David Copeland)

    Seize the power of the application stack through AngularJS, Bootstrap, and PostgreSQL, see how these technologies can work together inside a Ruby on Rails app to deliver well-performing applications that offer great user experiences.

  • PostgreSQL 9 with PHP Essential Training

    It shows how to architect PostgreSQL databases and integrate them into web applications using PHP, covers the basics of creating tables, storing data with data types, and working with expressions, operators, and strings, etc.

  • PostgreSQL Databases

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